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Digger Hire in Southport, Leyland & Formby

Mini Digger Hire

J & N Plant Hire Ltd are the preferred choice for micro and mini digger hire across Southport, Leyland and Formby. For easier access to narrow areas such as alleyways and paths, diggers are a practical solution. And the use of a digger will improve the efficiency, precision, and speed of your construction project.

With over 30 years of experience in the trade, we have built a reputation for delivering a fast, convenient service to a wide range of clients. Our high-performance machines are up to date with modern specifications, and we can include 8- or 16-inch augers, a full set of buckets or a range of pecker attachments. 

Should your construction work involve light concrete demolition, we will facilitate this with a pecker attachment that will break the concrete.

Our machinery is available for the likes of:

Micro Diggers

Micro diggers have become a popular choice for hire machines, mostly due to their ability to fit in compact spaces, including doorways and gateways. They are also quieter than the average machine, which is great if you’ll be operating in residential or built-up areas. Hiring one of our micro diggers will also reduce the time spent on site clearance as these machines are less destructive than their larger counterparts, running on rubber tracks instead of steel. 

Transporting the machinery to your site in Southport, Leyland or Formby won’t be an issue, as micro diggers are small and light. And while they may be the smallest digger hire option, these machines are not limited in functionality.

We can provide various attachments, from breakers to buckets, which along with the affordability of these diggers, makes them a great choice for any construction project. At J & N Plant Hire, we also undertake grab hire, providing clients with reliable muck away, site clearance and waste management services. 

Mini Diggers

Our three tonne mini diggers are favoured by contractors for their power, versatility and ease of use. They can be used for work on sensitive terrains and are more suitable for working on wet grounds than heavier machinery is. And thanks to their 360swing, they can rotate at the base to easily access all parts of a compact area. These diggers may be on the smaller side but they can still reach depths of 1.2 – 3 metres, so they can be used during a variety of construction projects. 

Both micro and mini diggers are well suited to landscaping. They can be used to dig fence post holes, which is quicker than carrying out the job manually and will ensure fence posts are erected at a secure depth. We can also use diggers to turn soil or remove tree stumps. If you would like to see what our clients think about our digger hire service, available in Southport, Leyland and Formby, please read our testimonials

Mini Diggers for Landscaping

Mini diggers, also known as compact excavators, revolutionize garden landscaping with their versatility and efficiency. Their compact size allows them to navigate tight spaces, minimizing disruption. When hiring one, consider size, capabilities, and attachments like buckets and trenchers. Mini diggers streamline projects, reducing manual labor and project timelines. They’re ideal for tasks like trenching for drainage systems or excavating foundations for patios. With user-friendly controls, they empower homeowners and landscapers to achieve professional results efficiently. Mini diggers have become indispensable tools in modern garden landscaping, offering precision and productivity.